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I am going to go on contract, i dont want to spend more than 30 a month on contract as i may as well stay pay as you go if its anymore than that.


out of the phones i have listed in the poll which one do you recommend and why?


cant make my mind up.


and i dont think the n900 is even out yet?

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i had the exact same quandry a week ago, was between the n97 mini (which is better than the normal) or the iphone 3g. i went nokia cos i liked the key pad and its a bit better value, you end up having to pay about £150 for the 3gs at the beginning. tbh i'm happy with my choice, its the nuts of a phone. although everyone will tell you to get an iphone. i wouldn't
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it runs a the same (but improved to remove bugs) os as the n97 mini, dunno what its called. what do you want from the phone? thats what i was thinking about and thats why i chose the n97. i'm not a fan of the size of it (even though its only a bit bigger it still feels weird in your hand and especially pocket)


contract comparision (best i found for £30) Both on Vodaphone:


Iphone 3g(not the s): £30 a month, 2 years, 300 mins, unlimited texts and 1gb of internet. phone £60 at start.


N97 Mini: £30 a month, 2 years, 300 mins, unlimited texts and unlimited internet. Phone free

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dave - i played with a n97 mini, i did quite like it, love how it flips and have qwerty board, what OS does it run?


wwwd - is that all the 3GS has different in comparision to the 3G?


i can get a 3g for 200 on paug, but i want contract :(

Basically yes, the other 'upgrades' are minimal.


Look here, and see the difference in price between the 3G and the 3GS model:




With the iPhone, most of the functionality is in the software. And Apple release free 'updates' periodically which essentially upgrade the iPhone with new features when they are created. So you essentially have a phone which will upgrade itself.


A big selling point of the 3GS was the video recorder, as it wasn't on the 3G. But obviously this was just down to software as someone released a programme which does the same thing with the older 3G model.


I'll be keeping this phone for about 10 years I reckon.


Edit: Sh!t grammar, it's late.

Edited by wwwd
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i want a touch scren ideally, music, apps, wifi, gps,


i been looking at contracts all day but cant really find a striking deal on the ihone, but the n97 there are loads of good deals,


i would need unlimited texts, and internet usage, not so fussed about mintues really.


maybe i shud just go into phones 4 u store and haggle, if you dont make a decision there and then they keep giving you extra things lol

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