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skimmed head, cams, throttle bodies


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right, as my car is developing about the power i was after anyway with just a pipercross filter, dual core leads and bosch super 4 plugs i will only be adding my cat back system to it so am selling the other bits i have accumulated for it.


1.8 115PS head that i had been told was ported and polished, but isn't. great for anyone who's head gasket has gone as been skimmed, just needs cleaning - includes 115 cams, plugs etc - £offers collected


130 PS cams off xr3i/130SI 1.8 escort, straight swap for 115's - £20 collected, £30 posted (owing to weight)


2.0 throttle body (needs a clean) - £18 posted


1.8 130/XR3i throttle body for EFI zetecs (same bore as 2.0) - £18 posted


can do combined deals and can deliver within reason for fuel cost.


will add pics tomorrow

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here are pics now, not brilliant but you can see what they are:


these are the 130 cams as i got them - never unwrapped them to keep them safe in garage till i was going to fit them:



this is the head, needs cleaning up before fitting, but as i got it off markgti he assures me its all good. only have 1 invoice for it which is for cleaning and resetting of followers and resurfacing head face 0.007"

as you can see it has fairly new plugs that arent discoloured either:
















2.0 throttle body as i got off lordjc




130 throttle body


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Hate to tell you this, but that head isn't ported nor polished! It has the original casting marks on both inlet and exhaust ports and as you can see, not much polishing going on!

i will admit i was a bit suspect myself as i would have kept the invoices for work done like that if it had been me, but as i had bought from him before i trusted him. i paid £82 for it through ebay. he said spent hundreds on it. i've not really had chance to examine it as i had it wrapped up in a box in the garage to keep it clean from painting and wood work going on in garage.


well i need it sold anyways so make me an offer if interested

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