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Heeeeey ! I'm new to Escorteveolution and to car modifying...and am looking for some help.

I am interested in getting a 'bad boy' bonnet (haha) for my escort and finding a good internet place to get some new lowered suspension and

a set of 15' cosworth/mondeo gti wheels ?

does any one know of any places i can find theseee?


help much appriciated =)

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Badboy bonnet..IMO dont bother but if you have to check the back pages of max power etc for a proper bodyshop. Dont ask your local accident repair centre as they'll either bodge it, charge the earth, or just not be able to cater to you


As for the wheels EBAY,the EVO for sale section, or scrapyards will source you the 16" mondeo Si alloys for less than 150 quid with tyres included.


Lowered suspension again you want to look in the back of wax flower for the adverts for the companies and their stockists.

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