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Urgent help needed


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Hey guys


some B*****d tried to break into the Van the other night, luckily they didnt get in however they have made a complete mess of the Lock god only knows how much thats going to be to get fixed




its an x royal mail van so the back doors have a slam lock i assume this is the reason they struggled to get in.


after much pursuation i manged to open the back just to check everything was ok but like a fool promptly colsed the door and the Slam lock kicked in again.


I need to open the door and disable the slam lock but have no idea how to do this, once im able to open and close the door without it automatically closing il have to put on a security lock until i can get it fixed


any help would be great



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I would suggest a complete new rear door fella



Your right mate, i ended up having to take the whole locking mechanisim out which left the door unable to be closed.


i then had to buy one of thos industrial Car pad locks which looks just hideous.


so now im on the market for back doors, this just gets better and better

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