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the red arrow (mk6 Si)


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hello all not posted on here for some time, been between escorts until lately, had a year or so of owning my celica and nissan skyline R33 gts-t, but gone back to my roots, my mrs kept the red Si and iv also just picked up an impy blue Si cabriolet, blue oval is coming back to me strong. few of you wil already know me from . were i normally am.


heres some pics of the Si end of 09

















the big freeze and winter in general has sadly taken its toll on my mint mk6. rear arch started bubbling and a set of 17s with 225s on rear took 2 days to destroy my arch, had a van slide into fornt of her in the ice also, and rust has appeared on a rear door, and on my boot lid, literally spotted this rust when when i washe dit on saturday :nutter:










back box also decided to come away this week although dan is sorting me a s/s system in next week or so :rolleyes:





gonna need some loving to get her back up to scratch, next winter its getting put away :innocent:

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iv not long turned 21, 100 quid a week on fuel and 3k (300quid p/month) on insurance, couldnt help notice the escorts were cheaper to run lol stil got my toyota celica as well but think that goes next week to a new home,


my skyline cost as much as my house, had my fun at pod but she had to go... that or i started dealing drugs but its not my thing so it went late october

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i know im gutted its got the cnacerus rust setting in, lilkely to bring it off the road and re do it all, got cossie vented bonnet waiting to be painted and waiting for some new mirrors, front bumper paint dmaged from icy shunt so thats gettin done, gonna do rear plus rust, sod it go all out and get it mint again...
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rear arch split last week and washed it at weekend and thats when door and boot problems were spotted, sorry i washed it. mondy wheels back on for now, 17s getting some work done to make them like new, then there going diamond white ;)


should look reet in white these, do have correct size tyres now also






been putting some hours into this, nearly ready for paint



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