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can you turn......


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the main thing u will have to cahnge is the rear, u can remove the panels under the tail lights and then weld in the 5a panel but a lot of work...., u will also have to change the the front lights, bonnet and boot lid etc.

anything is possible if you have time, patience and a few pound. BUT is it worth it ????

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mk5b to mk5a as above needs the panels under the rear lights changing. Then simply bolt on new rear bumper, boot, rear lights, bonnet, bonnet catch and grill.


Then the change rear light loom/boot loom to a mk5a loom.


And to finish off the mk5a look (Dependent on what floorpan/shell you have & if going for a complete B to A conversion) you could always replace the fuel filler surround/panel to a mk5a item.


The front lights don't need changing as there the same on both A and B models.

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