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my mini chopper project ! updated pics ! opinion on colour pls


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Was after a mini moto for some unknown reason lol didnt find one i liked so ended up buyin this as a little project :pancake:










i might grow up one day but probably not hehehehehehehehe :rolleyes:

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Bit of an update ppl and would also like your opinions on the choice of colour :pancake: only painted the tank so far as i have been having trouble getting it running properly as the choke worked the oposite way round to wich it says on the bike ie on=off and off=on lol :roll: any way now thats sorted and new performance air filter and v stack fitted to give it that whole extra.00000075 bhp pmsl ive started on the paint this is only been done withan aerosol can so sorry if the finish isnt up to standard :pancake:









it didnt have an exhaust on the bike when i got it so i have made a stainless side slash one will get picks up once photofcukit has stopped playin up :nutter:




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lol no yellow mate sorry :roll: yeah got to get it stripped now so i can send the frame off for powder coat lol looking for a vw pannel van/ camper atm so gettin it ready for my trips out matey it can go in the back and be used when i get to places rarther than takin the van every where lol :thumb:
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good idea, there is some nice vans for sale now the summer is over, good look.



yeah ive spoted an imorted pick up bay window wich needs minor work so iam goin to look at that some point next week and also a panel van :cheers:

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