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Mondeo seats - Escort?

True Blue

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no they won't... yes you can make them fit by cutting and welding subframes around, why you'd want to though is beyond me plenty of decent escort seat options


The Escort MK6 seats here are ok, but I think they are a bit simple and there is no height adjustment, take a look:



The Ghia-X version from UK looks a lot better:




and I found a cheap pair of seats from Mondeo MK1 and they look similar!

is there another car that will fit perfect on Escort?

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with fiesta mk3.5 subframes




the laters mk3 fiesta with the small door mirrors had better seats and had bolt off seat runners that fit the xr3i seats (assuming your floor pan is the same as our late escorts and that fiesta seat in your country are the same)

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earlier escort / fiesta seats will fit if you use fiesta mk3.5 subframes


Ok, what about the XR3i MK5 seats?



will fit into a MK6 Escort, with the same subframes?


mk5a/b seats no (least not without fester frames)



The seats you noted as liking are the same as in my Current mk5b....Yes I know I said those seats shouldn't fit but I got round the issue by stripping my own original seats down to frame then carefully doing the same with the wingback seats out a mk6si before using the moulded foam and covers on my mk5b's frames.


I actually re-trimmed them in half leather so they'd be unique but tbh that isnt necessary

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my own during progress of me retrimming them, the difference in shapes is visable and shows you it can be done in a mk5.



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