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LSD options


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Considering the RST ones are cheap and readily available, I'm not sure why you would really want to go for something else, but it depends how deep your pockets are really!


Tran-x £589.07 +vat


Quaife £560 +vat


Gripper £625 +vat


Gearboxman.co.uk has prices with a ford or quaife unit and the option of shot peened gears :thumb:

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An LSD for drag racing is very different to an LSD for track use.


Yup... your thoughts on the OP? use is for fast road / track


I'd rewind a bit. What problem are you trying to fix? You rarely need a LSD for tarmac work unless you have a large amount of power.


Is your Escort smoking the inside wheel in 2nd gear on coming out of a corner? (I know it won't be in 3rd in the dry)

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