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Really good film, loads of clips not seen before and good insight into what made him the driver he was. Wasn't a fan when he was driving always supported mansell but after reading most of the books on him and seeing race videos have become a big fan (have loads of models of his cars). You will enjoy the film even if your not an F1 fan.


I thought this was the best motorsport film i had seen till i saw TT close to the edge, which follows guy martin at the 2010 TT. anyone else seen it?

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Saw it ages ago. Too biased.


People who love the film tend to not have followed the sport during Senna's career.

Although Prost was a contributor to the film?


Not sure what you mean by the last comment - some geniuses are unappreciated in their time.


I'm of the opinion that Prost will do a lot for the media, and is happy playing the villian, because he knows he is not.

(I like Senna more than I do Prost, but I know which one I'd want driving for my team)


Senna was absolutely appreciated at the time for what he was, a superb driver, and one of the greatest, not the demi-god with everyone against him that the film makes out. A maverick.



You know you can pick up the 'season review' DVDs for every season from 86 onwards online? Golden era for F1 fans.


Senna's death upset me a great deal (I watched it live)l, but he was 3 years passed his best by then.

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Don't think anyone was against him, he felt whether rightly or not that prost was being favoured by the FIA and balestre (both french). discisions were not consistent and he felt they were done in prosts favour eg monaco 84 and japan 89. Prost was the best driver and senna wanted to beat him to be the best, but fairly and on the track. At the end of the film he says the driver he enjoyed racing against was terry fullerton from karting as it was pure racing, no politics.


Don't think he was past his best in 94 either. the 92 mclaren was not a good car, the williams and mansell was superior to anything else. the 93 williams was possible better than the 92 car but senna still won 5 races in a mclaren that didn't even have the latest factory ford v8 which the bennetton had. the 94 williams after losing the driver aids he didin't like was also not a good car which needed developing(mansells return helped.

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