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Kerbal space program


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I've just downloaded this tonight and had a bit of a mess around trying to get a rocket into space, quite addictive, and irritating unti you realise how to get above just a few kilometres up. Highest ive got is 192,000m up before i ran out of fuel and got dragged back to earth. How can you do?


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Some photos from my easy approach to the moon using the Saturn 5 rocket (without lander, just the final stage rocket with the standard game command pod on top)

From a distance


In the dark of the moon


Showing my orbit path and where i was going to land




And more




Foward speed scrubbed


Very close to the surface


As i hit the ground the rocket flopped onto its side so i ejected the command pod to prevent an explosion and both parts began to roll down the hil slightly




not a lot of fuel left at all at the end

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