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Changing mk6 starter??


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Rear mount. O why did they change it?!?

Can get all the bolts undone but can't get it out from behind the engine.

It's as if I'm gonna have to remove a driveshaft or the inlet manifold.

Neither I want to do really. Really fed up and cold so gave up for today.

It was soo much easier when the starter was at the front.

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So all the wiring is removed too? As there's a 13mm nut and 10mm nut on the starter for the cables, you should be able to remove it either from underneath or above. No need to remove the driveshafts or inlet. Just try and wiggle it out. Or hammer maybe? Give it a "gentle" tap. Two bolts are from the gearbox side and one from the engine side. And you definately removed the bolts completely? As it won't move if they are a little bit in lol .
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The starter is free, and removed from gearbox, it's just soo fiddly to get the starter wires undone its untrue.

Even using my small hands it's a mission, so assumed there was an easier method.

Looks like taking the inlet off is prob the easier way to do it.

I'm getting too old to muck around with cars this time of year!

Time to move on maybe.....

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