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Revs wont go over 4k - Self inflicted :(


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Im sure my problem is properly self caused but is really getting the better of me!!

Since atttempting to change my starter the other day ive developed another fault!

The car will rev and pull happily from standstill to 5/6k then i change up and continue to accelerate but the car will hold back at just over 4k revs!

At first i thought it may be the coilpack or leads. Swapped both for new items and the problem still occurs. It will happily idle and rev fine at standstill but when moving gives me the problem.

In the process of changing the starter i unplugged the maf,the sensor on the thermo housing, the idle valve and the sensor on the inlet pipe. All are plugged back in and seem fine connection-wise.

It must be one of the sensors surely!

Feeling stupid and annoyed :(

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