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Mk5 xr3i

Andy 3i

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Hi guys, just a quick one. I've just bought a J plate xr3i which is apparently a 130 model...yet has drums on the back and I think 240mm front brakes (it was dark) but has a lift up mtx75 box? Confusing? Anyway, my main question is that if I took the loom, ecu and fuse box...could I stick it in my red one and make it work the 2.0 zetec? My red one has 130 manifolds but an ib5 box whether that makes a difference? My personal thinking was that with only a 6bhp difference would it be ok? Or would I have to change the pin outs on the ecu to run my DESK one?


Many apologies if its in the wrong section...I wasn't sure if it would go in mechanical, electrical or general :(


Any help would be greatly appreciated :). Hopefully I can come to ford fair this year :D

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