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My car: Suzuki SJ410 VBJA... New Project: Ford Escort MK6


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so here is my own car..


she is a 1987 Suzuki SJ410 VBJA, i have spent nearly 3 years getting her to how i want it, mods are as follow:


255 70 R15 xp2000 tires on Suzuki Vitara Fatboy Alloy Wheels

3" wide arches welded in solid with built in side step

Custom made front bumper/bullbar

sony xplod head unit, kenwood 4" speakers and kenwood 10" subwoofer

all carpeted inside and sound deadened

remote central locking

Mitsubishi pajero/shogun seats


well here she is...










custom battery tray..






and the father-in-law's escort..


theres quite a bit of work to do to this so i might even do a thread for it depending on when i get round to start on it...


from a quick look around it needs:

two blue doors on near side (easier than spraying the grey ones)

rear bumper repair or a matching blue rear bumper, it can easily be filled and sprayed over

minor bit of welding on the rear nearside arch

a matching door car (it has one odd door card)

a service


and a good clean to get the paint to good original condition



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the suzuki is MOT'd and waiting for insurance as i cant afford the £1800 yet but shes all ready and waiting, was off the road for 10 years before i got it and after quite some money and alot of hard work it went through its MOT in october first time with no advisories, the zuk is up in warrington, cheshire as i moved down to kettering in november but my mum and dad are looking after the zuk for now in storage, its a great little car, so much fun to drive..


ive not been able to get a job in a garage so ive not worked on cars for a few months now and getting bored so ive decided to sort out the escort..


when i eventually get to insure my zuk ill be doing yet more work to it, as they say "a suzuki sj is never finished"

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