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pcie 16x extender


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Im looking to reposition my graphics card using one of the extender ribbon cables (as apose to the solid board versions) and wondered if anyone had used one?


I know the generally used for the bitcoin rigs with multiple graphics cards but all I intend to do is simply move my card to a more airflow freindly location that will further aid the aftermarket cooler Ive just added to it and maybe allow me to overclock more safely.


any experience, pointers and recommendations thoroughly appreciated people :thumb:

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It was like this, with all hot air vented out the rear of case...
(Also I hated that feck gordy flame design and red on red coding in my blue lit interior)

I swapped the factory cooler for a Arctic somethingorother silent cooler and it now looked like this...
granted its alot more beefy in size but with six copper pipes and triple aluminium vanes with fans its giving me silly drops in heat levels while running almost totally silent.

I want to move it away from the MB mainly becuase of how the new cooler vents the hot air away from the card, namely out the sides, not so bad with the side facing the case side panel as Ive reversed two of the panel fans I put in so they exhaust the cards heat well enough, however the other side vents toward the Pcie slot and due to some ill designs on Gigabytes parts the MB's SouthBridge chip heat sink.

Ill wanna mount it more or less upright like this..
as close to the side panel as possible with the panel retrim to allow the triple fans to draw cold air directly from the exterior rather than the warm interior.


as I mentioned even as it stands now its giving me a good 20c reduction in idle and full load temps over the factory cooler but I wouldnt wanna think about what itll do to the motherboard if I try any even half decent overclock speeds

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Gigabyte motherboards are extremely robust and that chipset wont have any problem with the additional heat. My northbridge and southbridge run at such a temperature (due to extreme cpu/ram overclock) that its enough to burn your finger tips! It has run like that ever since i got the board about 2 and a half years ago now. If and when i can be bothered ill fit a chipset cooler. Or expand off my water cooling loops


basically what im saying is i doubt it will be worth the hassle relocating the card. And wih a cooler like that i doubt you would see much of an increase in temps due to overclocking the gfx card


just out of interest why are you so bothered? From memory you dont play a great deal of games do you?

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workload decreasing due to illness


growing increasingly bored


and in my case an unoccupied mind is a dangerous one (Ive run out of rooms to decorate too)


so If I cant mod cars


I need to find a hobbie that'll keep my mind technically stimulated


pc fiddling and case modding seemed like a interesting option to get into so figured Id give it a kickin and see how I got on :pancake:

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