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normall work, tripple pay :D

I got trained up last week on back door, so 2day i was in charge of the warehouse on me own, but cos it's sunday that meant nowt to do, but double pay LOL! :D for 10 hours


and i got the same 2moro and ditto feck all 2 do being bank holiday and triple pay too, will be rolling in it this week! :D :roll:


plus that role pays better than my normal job anyway :thumb:

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couple more bank holidays and that'll be the car paid Mike :thumb: :D

LOL, will all be paid off by the end of next month anyway! then it's time for the Coilovers! 8) :D


to say i always shied away from work cos i was too lazy (typical student type!), i really love me work now tbh, and racking up the hours means racking up a fast buck! 8)



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