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FAO hilton visitors this saturday!


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Yep, Me and webbhoy aka the alocholics hit squad are stopping there!! Think we are going for the meal at night though mate, but i'll be up for an all dayer on saturday!! :roll: :roll:


EDIT: I think we'll be there from about 12-1ish, and webbhoy a bit later on!

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ok room booked for 4 people! 2 double beds



me and my mate shane


and ant and his g/f sara


99quid for the night no brekkie!


will get a mcd's if its open





Dinner? lee can we get a table near you lot as 20 is gonna be hard enough to accomadate. maybe give me the restaurant and time u r going lee, i can book a table for 4 at the same time and get it near you lot!

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