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matt (white_van_matt)


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Can I ask a quick question about the symptoms the car suffers with, due to a clutch wearing out.




erm only ones ive had is where you can accelerate, and the car will accelerate up to 2000 - 3000 rpms but anything after that the car doesnt accelerate it just spins and revs up ?(

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B*stard thing decided to sh!t its self half way across the Pennines :vangry: LOL

Hopefully getting it sorted tonight, but if not I will be coming down with Marcus, cheers mate :cheers:


You know when your clutch is gone, coz you can't go nowhere LOL In my case a really nice smell of friction material going, and smoke coming out the bonnet X(


Got a well sound AA bloke though to tow me home, was telling me about some mad mk2 Escorts that he's built :)

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