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finally here


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all JBL: 1100W amp, 2x 12" subs, 2x 6x9s, and (not powered by amp) 2x 5x7s.

only thing left to do is little 4" one to go in the doors.


The jbl logo is cut out of the perspex as the rest of the box is sealed, all made and carpeted by my own fair hand! X(


one ofthe neons has stopped working so when i get a new one i'll do some dark photos :thumb:

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the lights look shite, whats that amp powering?

Tom mate you fukin Whacker, if i was you id deffo disapear of the bored before someone serously loses it wiv you, not wise pissin everyone off specially when everyone knows where u live, where u work and what you drive :vangry: :vangry: :vangry: :vangry:


Other hand, car looks good mate, love the amp red neons :thumb:

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