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<<< Next Southend!!!


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18th september!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Same meeting point, same time!


Thurrock Services 7pm M25 Junction 31 Here



List so far is pretty tastey ...
















The Shaunster



Mike C







Me the wheeler dealer, bring door handles and air filter down yea!


All comfirm you still going, and anyone else thats wants to come, let us know!





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quite a list.. although can lee/ross/ian pin it in the upcoming events section  ;)


i'll def b there.. with a big IF the car is fixed  :thumb:

we'll drag ya by your feet even if it isn't!

things goin to plan it should be there.. with possibly some blue/red panels :D :eek:

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ill be there, although ill be very very very very very careful on the way home for the little B*stard speed cameras  ;(


maybe my last outing in the type r :nutter:

well you always got your brothers CTR that looks suspicoulsy like yours ?( :P

or the safer bet of letting my g/f drive my car for a while :O :drool: :eek:

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yes my people, i will be there,having a mini convoy from mcds on 127 to thurrock with simick poss benc and my mate in his rally rep c2,magic dragon if u wanna join pm me ok dude :D :thumb:

It still alright if i tag along? Got noone to go with to thurrock otherwise!! :baby:


:D :D

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i just had a look at the map and all i can say is BALLS TO THAT!! tis a bit of a trek from up my end!



:roll: :roll: :pancake:

So you coming too rach??? love to see you and ya car??? Hope you can make it!!! i missed you and the last one, only found out about it the day after.. :( i'm not missing this one!!!


Hope you can make it!!! :)

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