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Just do it! if it looks shite take it off, you wont know if you dont try it!


Position it so you cant only see the glow tho! Looks shite is you can see the neon tube.

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Go for it mate, Neons are the dogs !! Serously the second switch em on i can almost promise everyone walkin will look and even people in cars cant help but sit at the lights and stare, IF u can help it DONT get blue neons, cause the police are unsure bout neons but the only thing they are sure on is blue lights are NO NO's. Heres a pic of mine at southend



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they look good harvez  :thumb:

Thanx mate :thumb:


Scottish i agree, looks crap when u see a standard nova wiv em hangin clear in the eye line, gotta have a body kit to hide em. Mine where differcuilt cause the GTi skirts shrink towards the front lol

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the 6 times ive been stopped this year ive been told different storys about the laws on neons, but the only thing every officer has said the same is they kno blue neons are a deffo NO NO cause of the colour is the same as what the emergancy services use ...

No one howeva has ever been takin to court about it, normally they just ask you to turn them off and as long as your polite and havnt done anythin else wrong they will let you on your way which is fair enough

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