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competion for you!!


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my car is going in next week to be set up and sorted once and for all!! it's going on the rr!! i wondered what you all thought the bhp would be, cos i haven't got a clue!! winner gets a kitkat!! :D



1.6 16v zetec

2.0l throttle body

1.8 mas sensor

full custom exhaust system


colins performance powerchip

power boost valve

k+n filter


think thats it!! so what do you think?

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you have to get the boost valve set up cos they are always set to the lowest!! when fitted it's usually 2 and when my mate had his done the set it to 5!! :D what ever that means!! went to see them yesterday and they said they are usual set low to be on the safe side!! and someone from mk5reg said he had to have his reset too!! :( and too a full tank of petrol i can get over 300 miles!! running that lot it should be less!! :O Edited by rachyxx
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