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Cars abit damaged :(


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Managed to catch my wheels on my arches going to quick down a bump as usual :(


I know its cracked abit of the paintwork and cracked abit of the arch but to dark to inspect at the min



Anyone got any rough ideas on how much it would cost to have the small areas near the arch sprayed or would the whole arch have to be resprayed ;(

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;( ;( ;(


Depends how good the sprayer is mate.


If he's top notch and can mix colours well.... you could probably get away with spraying the damage and surrounding arch (up to about 20cm from the damage). However it will never be exact, good quality respray work will mean it will be almost unoticable to the human eye, but it requires a certain degree of luck too. :(


Get it seen too as soon as possible. It'll only get worse and more expensive to repair.


Lets see some pics at some point cos I'm only going on your description. :)

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