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right wanna get a few things for the rs


heres what i got planned over winter


rear strut brace

few more bling for engine (spark plug cover)

corner weighting at Northampton Motorsport

Evo stickers (at weekend)



dont say twin headlights, decided i love it how it is and no rear lights at they are perfect imo


anything else i cant think of anything at mo mind blank


:thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

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tinted windows, engine work (headwork mabye as its not 'that' expensive) to get a bit more out of it, delocked doors


EDIT: tinted headlamps to go with half tinted rears, colourcode the rear number plate light


EDIT2: single wiper conversion

Edited by marcus
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hmmm not sure on tinted windows, like to be seen lol lol


engine work might have ti be a start, alreayd got ported manifold, some cams, chip or something


and tinted headlights hmmmm not to sure will have to do something to the fogs and side repeaters, like i say live the front 100% all matches and light not being made darker if u get me

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Smoothed (delocked) boot lock strip & delocked doors


tinted headlights with lightly tinted side reps and foglights..... think the "whiteness" of the 3 should be removed like 8)


colour coded mirror bases as suggested


that's all i can think cosmetic wise. :thumb:

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