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aye m8, ull often find me on my clan server or the jolt.co.uk the halibuts server, we use team speak all the time so if u wanna pop on pm me and ill give u the address :thumb: if im on im either called Scotteh, Bungo or FcUK_O :thumb:


as for the autosniper thats banned on both servers as its the most pointless weapon to be added to the game and takes no skill wot so ever :P

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i like the counter terrorist gun with the silencer u can add to it dont know the name


m4 m8 :thumb: i use it without silencer as it causes more damage so headshots r easier if their wearing kevlar :) altho best guns tend to be the stery aug and the terrorist equivalent the sig as zoom is always handy :D

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im still a bit of a noob, my natural fragging skills allow me to do quite well but ive not got the guns sorted yet and some of the maps i get flanked and shot from behind


fancy joing the halibuts server now so i can add ya to my ASE buddylist?


wud do m8 but im here at work for another 30mins yet :( lol i played the original cs for yrs but stopped due to constant accusations of cheating so went to play quake3/cpma/ra3 but been playing CSS since it was released :) maps r quite easy, thing ya gotta be strict about most of the time is burst firing instead of holding ya finger down....if u do that ill just come up and knife u after uve wasted all ur ammo :P

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