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A Mink got into my Garden earlier and ripped the throat out of one of my mums ducks. The mink was still in my garden


My mum hates guns and kept moaning at me for keeping my rifle in the house, so I leave it round a mates now. He was out. She comes running in my room crying demanding I shoot this mink, but of course due to her being a gun hating sissy, its no longer in the house.


So I gave her a lecture on the merits of gun ownership, and managed to corner the mink behind the shed and stab it with a Garden fork


Unfortunatly, the fcuker is still alive and has run off somewhere. Ive just taken delivery of my gun, now my mate has come back home, and have placed the dead duck in the middle of my garden.



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I live in North London, right next to the Lea Valley Park. We get all sorts of animal's in our Garden. Foxes you name it.


My old dear keeps ducks as pets :roll: we used to have Chickens as well in our back garden.


The B*stard thing kept coming back for the body, despite my mum and dad chasing it throwing things at it. I got fed up with them acting like school kids so grabbed the spade and went on the hunt. Havent seen it in a while, but hopefully it will come back. Been a while since Ive actually done any shooting.

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Been a while since Ive actually done any shooting.


you should go up to Silvestershire - now that fox huntings banned Stoo's literally making a killing from his latest venture - servant shooting :cheers:


Go up and join the hunt - tally ho chaps :thumb:


It's been a while since I shot anything as well. Though I remember a lad I was in school with shooting his mate up the bum with an air rifle. That was rather amusing!! :roll:

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The one that was in my garden was slightly darker brown then that with a white head.


Wax, when I go to wales, I go to this place thats run by a friend there, he looks after the pheasants that they have on shoots. Gives us shotguns, and tells us to shoot the crows, because they eat the food, and to shoot anything that moves thats a threat to the pheasants. Awesome fun!

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Theres a place near me where they breed them for shoots. Theres woodland surrounding the fields, and there are hides built into the tree's.


We normally sneak in there for a few hours and bag us some pheasants. Been chased out by the guy on a quad bike before, but we only need a few minutes now in and out now we know the best places to look :thumb:


Right by where I live, right on the outskirts of london, theres so many country lanes, and so many places to go, its awesome!

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think that pic might get banned by the mods mate - they dont usually allow pictures of wet beavers on the main page.  :baby:


I never shot a pheasant - tho my father has run some over in his car. they tend to wonder into the road. :D


Yeah, my dad used to wander into the road too as he got older :tired:

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