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My new toy! 210bhp of torque steer!!


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I looked at 9 in total and this was the best. I had to travel 120 miles though! 1990 RS Turbo in red, its original on the outside and the engine...........


I thought around 160-170bhp when i looked at the mods, but not according to the rolling road, 210bhp! My god it was quick and did i have to hold on tight!


I'll get a full spec up but heres the pics, they just dont do it justice, these were taken after we went down some muddy back roads. The fella met me in his Sapphy Cos, what a nutter! EVERYWHERE AND ANYWHERE he was getting it sideways! Let me know what you think..................









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not a fan tbh, RST's have to be pretty special to interest me :)



glad ya happy though :cheers:


Fair comment Lee. It may be 210bhp but it wont keep up with Rob84, it dont have anywhere near that torque!


I couldnt believe how clean it was, especially underneath and in the arches.


ROSS- that was a D plate i broke! This is mint, that wernt!

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absolute class


saw u posted ur other motor the other day, sorry to say i hate focuses with a passion, but that's stunning!  8)


and power sounds  :drool:


good buy mate  :thumb:


Cheers Mike! Focus isnt everybody's cup of tea but it does the job i want and saves me shitloads in fuel bills! I prefer the escy! :thumb:

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nice one dan! love it mate!  :drool:


what work has it had done to get it upto 210bhp?  :)


Im abit dubious Rob, the mods it has i dont think would add up to the bhp but it certainly is 210bhp. Its still 1600cc, but the whole thing has been rebuilt and some group A spec stuff. Clutch and gearbox have been uprated too, the clutch was a bitch in traffic. This is what has been quoted but some stuff has been missed i think.


Superchip, mongoose straight through (which isnt that loud at all!), Pace intercooler, -31 actuator, k&n, hybrid turbo (not sure on spec of it), piper 285t2 camshaft, piper vernier pulley, bailey dump valve, new cylinder head with 3 angle valve seats, group A head gasket, samco's and other detailing.




Im wondering how long the car will run 210bhp, might have it turned down until i can get it to northampton rollers.


The car has done 73k with MOT's to prove and the standard wheels are concours! Not a mark on them! Still coming off though! Soft spoke RS7's on the way...........


It also had a clifford, a weird lock on the gearstick, kenwood headunit, and some other detailing.


Im a bit stuck with what to do next, i love it standard cos so many have been messed with them, this one looks so fresh!



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