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What colour shud sparkplugs be?


just had the top half of the 1.4 to bits and everything is fine, 1 thing i didnt think of check was fuel pump, anyway, took the sparks out and they had a black carbon kinda stuff (what you get out ya exhaust) kinda thing on them, is this normal?


the car starts 1st time everytime, but then dies or soon as i go to pull off i need to put full throttle on, when i get it aove 4k its fine if not a TINY TINY bit jittery, help anybody?



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make sure the spacing is ok...1.3mm IIRC :thumb:



problem sounds similar to what i had on my 1.4 though. Ford replaced the mass air flow sensor on it, but then when the problem re-occured they said they couldn't fix it it was an electrical fault (part they sorted was under warranty you see :rolleyes: ...) they also said it could of been the cat. try un-pluggin the MAF sensor and see if it makes a difference.

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dad rekons its the carb needs a cleaning.... and fuel lines, so next full tank and bangin a bottle of redex in asll + stickin a K+N on then sellin to another granny

full bottle in the tank mate at the petrokl station when shes empty, dont start her!! lol fill her to the top and let her sup the tank. With redex you can use it direct on the spark plug holes i think it says ?(

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