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Lottery winning ticket>?


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I couldn't contemplate it. But I do know it would be lovely. Everyone says that you should rough it, live on a really tight budget for a year or so, so you appreciate things, I have done that. I just wish I could be confortable in a job with prospects now.


The first thing I would do is buy a nice house in a nice area with a double garage. Then I would buy me an escosor RS500 and a Mk1 MR2 Supercharger. Then I would pay my rents morgage off, give my direct family a nice chunk, and live happy on the rest.


I would also use the spare time I have to go to college and learn to become a mechanic, maybe start up a buisness :)

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being serious, can anyone actually imagine winning? :O  I cant even contemplate it......NO MORE MONEY WORRIES for the rest of ya life :jaw:  :jaw:



There's only 2 sorts of people who worry about money, m8:


Those who haven't got enough, and those who've got so much that they don't know what to do with it!


Oh how I wish I was in the second category :D

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