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piperX viper filter


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Better be just ordered one. :D


I've been asking this question for ages mate, and it's 50 50, half the peeps on here say not worth it the other say they are really good. X(


I've heard one on a 1.6 1997 Escort and it's LOUD, so even if it doesn't increase my performance the noise will make up for that. Ye the price is harsh but then again Pipercross are wkd quality.


Oh ye and don't believe the 10bhp gain :nutter: Mike C got an extra 4bhp from his viper-not bad for a filter I suppose. :thumb:

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Yeah it felt so mate, much more responsive, but because i'm very sceptical of these things i would never say it has definatly without the proof, but yes to me it felt a lot better to drive more responsive, and cleared a flat spot. Mine was a second hand filter from a V6 mondeo so its slightly larger intake as well :D
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open filters are a waste of time IMO, better off with a k&n panel filter in the oem box.. they suck in way too much heat from the engine


i had both in my GTi and the viper is way better.. felt a lot more responsive below 4k and smoothed out the power band as well..


ive just put one on the ST as well now and cant feel any difference but the v6 growls ever nicer now.. still ill find out how much difference its made saturday when it goes on the rollers again :)


so to summerise


open filters = crap waste of money

closed ones like viper = much better



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Andy ya too greedy mate, ya already got a 200bhp under ya right foot. :roll: :D


That was one of the deciding factors for me, to get the viper cause- open filters though they can have monster plumbing tubes bringing in more air, the filter is still gona pick up heat. :nutter:


With the viper it's completly enclosed and the shield is carbon fibre- so it's gona stay nice and cold- can't see the benefit of normal ones- and the viper's forced induction. Can't wait to get mine. :thumb:


I know that the V6 sounds gorgeous standard but with the viper it must sound incredible- not got any vids like geordie. :thumb: :drool:

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