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1.6 16v escorts


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i've got a "tuned" one m8 lol


for 1st car i cant cry at all!!!


you can get millions of mods for em (most of which i got) but not THAT much BHP gains :(


as far as reliablitlity is concerned you can run the fookers into the ground and they'll just turn into a tractor and keep going lol :thumb:

i'd go for a 1.8 they got alot more potential

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they aren't too bad, the heavy right foot thing is true, the 1.8 is better even in 105bhp guise but then you'll pay for that on insurance etc, many 1.6s particularly the LX have been owned by familys etc and not thrashed, they're better than having a 1.1 fezzie or a 1.2 nova thats for sure.
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