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The price is right!

Mk6 Si Ross

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you would be able to get it for £9000, they advertised it for that price so they gotta sell it for that.... otherwise its false advertisement which is illegal :)

thats not the case. just because its advertised at that price you dont have to sell it at that price. we got that alot in a shop I worked in, people would change prices over. all you gotta do isrefuse to sell the item to that person which you are entitled to do

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Actually no, pelles is right, I was learning about consumer law the other day as part of my management training.


I will use this as an example - petrol station


Customer rolls into petrol station and on the sigh is says 70p per litre


Customer fills up car with a litre of petrol


Goes to till


Is asked for 85 p per litre


Customer has the legal right to purchase petrol at the lowest price, unless the sign is damaged............


Eg, part of the 8 has fallen of to make 6, and unless the customer points out the difference.


For example, if you walk into a car show romm and they have a car up for sale


EG Ford focus on the forecourt


and on the sign it says




instead of




The customer has the legal right to purchase the car at that price, providing they bring a sales assistant out to the car and point it out to them on the spot.


However if for example is said


£0_765 and one of the figures had fallen down then the customer would have no right to purchase it at that price.


If the advertising is correct (ie, nothing is broken or fallen of), then its up to the company / individual to ensure that prices are correct, and the general public have the right to purchase any item at the cheaper price.


(this is why cars out on forecourts are always locked now so people cant change the prices!)


Also, if there are two different prices for the same item




Oz Wheels


£125 per wheel


and you walk round the cornor


£100 per wheel


providing you point this out to an assistant you are entitled to purchaseany item at that price of the cheaper of the two.


Companys fault for not ensuring correct pricing structure.




and i know all this because in work we have legal checks and company checks to make everyday with regards




Which is what these pricing problems fall under, and quite simply if a company does not comply with your request you have the legal right to challenge them in court and purchase that imte at advertised price, and then they will have to pay, not only fees but compensation............




Bet you didnt know that!

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Well yes and no - Its a bit of a grey area for consumers, the thing is, you need to actually prove the price, and if you cannot prove the price (ie if some one slips around the ack and rips the price off quickly) then you aint got didly, its the same if you are going to go court etc......



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Mmmm, difficult one that, i also used to work in a shop, i was assistant manager there, if somebody brings something to the till with the price of 99p on it and it comes up on the till as 1.99 the option then exists that the customer has to chose wether they still want it at that price, the error has been highlighted and no contract has been made in terms of price until they hand the cash over. if they don`t want to buy it at the "correct" price (just because it had a wrong ticket on doesnt mean they get it at that price) then they can sod off and buy else where!!!!
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