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Free motors listing day on ebay

Matthew H

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RIGHT. I've filled out a listing for my car. With a 1500 start and reserve but it's saying it'll cost me £42 in fees I thought it was a free listing day :huh: :nutter: I don't want to hit list item for sale and incur £42 worth of fees :rolleyes:


thats because Matt posted this yesterday, therefor making the free listing day yesterday and not today :pancake:

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start it at 99p ang get a m8 to bid up to ur starting price, u can always cancel his bid later ;)


in fact, if it goes over your mates bid, dont cancel it! cus then it'l drop it to the other bidders highest as if ur mate never bidded.lol.


best bet is to sstart listing at 99p (free listing) then have a mate bid up 2 your starting bid (be reasonable with it though or no1 will bid)


you can always end the auction without charge up to 12hrs b4 the end if its not goin anywhere. and instead of adding a BIN button, just say in the listing "i would sell for £££" that way u can end the auction with a BIN price and not have to pay ebay £30 for the privilege.

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ive started mine at whatever value i wanted but it tried charging me when i filled any options in, so i didnt do a description or anything. just put a word and a word for the title, listed it free then edited it to be the ad i wanted tis a bloody long way round
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