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driving without insurance


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right i bought an rs turbo last night and drove it home this morn with no insurance-stupid i know even though it was only 5 miles along sleepy welsh roads.


came across and accident police were already there. but stopped me too for no tax, then found out i had no insurance!


what are the consequences? iv been driving 3.5 years and got no points?


surely they wont ban me?

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At the end of the day, if you crashed into someone and had no insurance the other person is gonna have to claim which isnt really fair is it? If someone crashed into me and had no insurance id smash their legs to peices, nothing personall ment but ive seen it happen to friends and they've had so much stress over it etc
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For the tax you can get up to a 93.00 fine depending on how out of date it was.


Insurance is at LEAST 6 points and 180+ fine...


You wont get banned for it, but it was still a risk not worth taking, takes 10 minutes to change my insurance over to another car...

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Ive been done for the same offence because I hadn't declared my modifications and existing points for speeding. I went to court and got 4 points and 100 quid fine...oh and I live in Wales, the Police are harsh but the courts can be ok with you sometimes.


But in my opinion it is NOT worth it! I am 19 and just got a quote on my GTi with my 10 points and the cheapest quote was 2,699 quid, the dearest was 3,977 and thats with a years no claims and Pass Plus, on a standard GTi! ;(


My first car was a GTi and I was only paying 970 quid with a clean licence!


You've only your own stupidity to blame mate, as I've been told many times :blush:

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