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what shal i do.....


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im bord of my escort it jsut lacks in power for the size of the car and engine... now i have a few ideas one of wich is abit up in the air and ide jus like to hear a few peoples opinions...


right to start i was thinking about getting hold of a rs2000 lump for my car and dropping that in would that realy be worth while? anougher option is to sell the scort and buy either a 2.0n/a 200sx or a toyota starlet glanza v the 1.3 turbo things now im not sure about goin over to the jap side due to servicing fee's?...


ive been thinking about selling the scort and buying a tidy RST but are they abit poo? and this is the idea thats abit up in the air..... a Ka yes thats right a Ka rst convertion ive been looking int it and apparently it aint that hard to do and could be a very kool sleeper.... what do you reckon i should do!!!!!


cheers, mitch

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One of my former work colleagues (I would say friend but...He wasn't. lol) bought a 1.3t Toyota Starlet a year or so ago. Ok it was pretty fast considering, but its pig ugly and if you were gonna have one freshly imported, it wouldn't be worth the hassle. He managed to blow the head gasket after a matter of weeks but I think that was due to his compulsive refusing to change gear when sitting on the redline rather than a poorly built car.


I agree with basskiddanny...Go find some tidy examples of what you're interested in, test drive em and then buy which you prefer...Simple !





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