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Gearbox probs :(


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Right been driving the car tonight and noticed that the gearstick was a bit "slack" in every gear i had about an inch of play up and down, thought nothing of it and just passed it off as a worn linkage rubber or something. ANYWAY as i was heading home i was giving the car some stick through the gear's and i cam to a speedhump and slowed right down and put the car into 2nd, drove over the speedhump slowly and accelerated away and as I went for 3rd there was nothing there, I can move the gearstick in a full circle as if the linkage had came off :eek: So when i got home i had a look under the car and the linkage is still connected to the gearbox ?( I can get hold of the gear linkage and move it in and out of the box and there's no resistance but it's stuck in 2nd stick???? Anyone have any idea whats broken???? Only thing I can think of is that the selector shaft that goes into the gearbox has snapped inside ?( ?(


Next question, My car has the mtx gearbox in it (lift up reverse) and i know that these are the same type of gearbox as fitted to the rs2000's but is there any other ford's that use the exact same gearbox or would it HAVE to be from an escort TD or RS2K


Another one, Are the gearbox's the same in the mk5b and mk6????


Help needed on this one ASAP as i need to get this problem sorted tomorrow but i'm not sure if my local scrappy has any mk6 TD's in and they DEFFO don't have any rs2k's in :(





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