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Anyone bought tyres from www.mytyres.co.uk ?


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I bought some tyres off www.mytyres.co.uk, ordered them friday morning, didnt accept the card payment till this morning, at 5am i checked back and they said the tyres will be delivered at the earliest by the 25th of september, but more than likely 2 tyres will come one day and the other 2 a few days later? Didn't tell me all this till id ordered, seems a bit of a long process?


Also what if im not in, the tyres look like they are coming from germany, im likely to be at work they say they will either leave them with a neighbour or leave a calling card for the courier?


Has anyone ordered from them? How long did it take for delivery? Where you in when they came or if not what do they do leave them round the back or what?


I know someone bought some off here can't think who, think danposs did....


I ordered 4 kumho esctas 205 40 16s.

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I brought my Toyo Proxes TR-1's from there, took two days delivery . . . but luckly i was in and able to sign for the delivery. But most companys work twatish hours so your probally have to pick it up from the depot.


Like at the moment i have some sway bars in Portsmouth depot :curse: a another parcel for me (probs drop links) from Royal mail. No point in courers might as well just get them sent straight for the depot for me to pick up, also why such gay hours ? Mon-Fri 8pm-5pm , your normal bloody working hours !!!


** Rant Over **

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I mean, what hours generally do the majority off people work, Mon-Fri 8pm till 5pm . . .


Well on both parcels i have here it says you can pick up within 5 days or it will be sent back to the sender, but you can only pick the percel up between 8pm and 5pm which is utter usless for us people who work a normal full day :curse:


Nothing like the old days where they would leave it round the back or with a neighbour

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order from them on friday morning, rang to confrim friday morning also.


had a email today saying 25th delivery date but if 2 days that cool


plus to save this confusion with not being in, they cant help that, or just do what i have done


get them delivered to work,

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FPMSL you bunch of jokers ! :roll:


Im still waiting on a batch of seeds from a foreign country beginning with A :innocent:



LOL,i put on the order form ' IF NO ONE IS IN PLEASE LEAVE THEM BEHIND THE BROWN DOOR TO THE RIGHT OF THE HOUSE ' the poor posite probs thinks hes gon get arsed raped !! LOL



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TRyres came wednesday, got in to find a ' sorry we missed you ' card from Parceline..


Furry muff me thinks, rings up the redelivery line to get an automated service, oh no i thought, anyway simple enough process and booked it for tommorow ( Friday ) to be redelivered as its my day off work, got in from work today and theres ANOTHER sorry we missed you card :curse: got a bit pissed off because i asked for it to be delivered for Friday, it says on the form we will make another TWO attempts to deliver it before sending it back to where it came from...


I presume wednesday was the delivery day, thursday was FIRST attempt and i was hoping tommorow friday would be the SECOND delivery attempt, and id booked it to be delivered Friday again wednesday evening anyway.


For peace of mind i decided to ring the customer services department, big mistake, 0845 number, costing me money, your estimated hold is 9 minutes, 2 seconds, about 4 minutes of Shite music later, ' sorry to keep you waiting, your estimated hold time is ' 8 minutes 59 seconds ' :curse:


Got pissed off hung up, rang sales and got straight through said look im not asking for when my parcel is here but can you have a look? she said well there is something to be scheduled for delivery in your town tommorow so its likely to be yours...


God damn you parceline.. !!! if they dont come tommorow im going to go Fcuking spare...

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