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rofl whatever next....


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england is goin down hill i must say, i wont be in this coutry when im older thats for sure!!


no offence to muslims who were born here, but what the fcuk the others playing at!!


this is our country, we do as we please.... well we used to, now they fucked it all up, and tbh there Fcuking most the world up! grrrrrrr


rant over lol :thumb:

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topic title is "rofl" but tbh its getting far from funny.


we're goin that far not to offend every other Fcuking religion/race that we're offending ourselves.


it really is pityful, the government should really bitch slap themselves out of this daze that bowing down to every other nationality will make britain better. its really Pees me off that white christian poeople born in this country get shat upon just to make life easier for every1 else. we're the only stupid Fcuking country that does it and we get fucked for it.


think its about time we took a leaaf out of cuntries like australias book, where the pm said "if you want to move to move to australia, then you change to suit the country, the country will not change to suit you"


fcuk tony blair.


im done.

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Like everyone else said, UTTER BULLSH1T! I think all these weak ass muslim cry babies should Pee off back where they came from if they dont like it here.


Back in the good old days that couple would have been told to "Pee off and stop wasting our time" by the police, but now they just make more trouble. Any normal person would have said "wow that engine sounds the muts nuts" instead of "its DEGRADING US"


F**king Time wasting tits.


Thats my rant over, ive got more but i dont wanna get done for anything.

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