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This can't be for real surely?


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A website has been set up whereby you can report a car speeding or driving dangerously to "build a transparent 'resource' for others, Police and insurers, to compare their records against."



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I have just entered some of the citylink vans :roll: :roll: :roll:







"Old lady tripped while crossing major road. The rider adjusted the angle of his vehicle to close both lanes on his side of the road, dismounted and then halted traffic, and helped the old lady back up, and to complete the road crossing. See more details: "

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what an absolute load of s***, that site should be illegal, should'nt be allowed to give peoples registration numbers out like that and telling the whole world what it is they have done! :vangry:


that sad b*stard aswell that has reported 3 different people for having their fog lights on! fair enough I dont have mine on unless it is actually foggy but it doesnt bother me or dazzle me!! :roll:

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