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Graemes Cars


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Well ive had a few... 12 to total... Here we listing them all..


1. CItroen Saxo VTS (Bored of this!!!)

2. Fiesta RST (Died on me)

3 .Ford Escort MK6 LX 1.4

See the pic below for the transformation!!!




4. Rover 220 Turbo Tomcat! Sold that to Ian

5. Honda CRX 1.6 i16 VERY fast pocket rocket, but big end bearing died on me :(

6. Ford Escort MK5b 1.8 Zetec Engine siezed on me :(

7. Renault Clio RN 1.4 Nice little run around untill... engine siezed on me...

8. Rover 220 Turbo Tomcat, Loved this car very very fast, untill the Headgasket went and engine siezed :(






9. Ford Escort MK6 1.6 Zetec SI - Had it for 3hours untill engine went PING and conrod went through sump...

10. Ford Escort MK4 Cabby

11. Ford Escort MK6 1.8 SI - Nice car didnt break on me! GTI rep




And Now my truely best car...


12. Ford Escort MK6 RS2000 - Love this car to bits




Hope you all like :)


Graeme :thumb:

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My mate bought a non vtec one for 950 and that was cheep, only thing is i am a mechanic and i can tell its been abused. Its completely standard but theres oil in the spark plug rubber case thingys, theres no back brakes (metal to metal) the front brakes are nearing the same, its rotten in places.


Only other thing is he hasnt passed his test yet, or done his theory. God help him insure the thing.

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