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Help!!!! Cd Changer Q's


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right.. as everyone knows i have got an st170 with an inbuilt cd dash changer which i love...


i do have an alpine 9812-RB, which i was gonna use in my dads cosworth but i can still use it if i cant sort this problem...


i would prefer to keep my in dash changer but is there anyway of connecting the sub i to the headunit i have ?

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u can use something called "rca" adaptors, u connect it to your rear speaker wires and then the other end of the adapter to the amp, it works fine



Altho you're correct in what you say, I'd like to point out that the leads themselves are called RCA leads and the part you're on about is actually a speaker wire to RCA adapter...Just to be a bit pedantic.


But yes...The adapters simply need splicing into your rear speaker wires and then you connect the RCA leads like normal. Never used one myself so I don't know how good they are and if there's any loss of sound quality but it will make your sub work at least.



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