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not a fan of the aftermarket spoiler but it looks tidy :) ud just need to check with the fig 8's and clutch were last done, as well as checking over it to see if theres anything else that might need doing.


if its a uk spec it will 239bhp and jap import will be 255bhp, top speed on both de-restricted is 166mph and 0-60 is 6.6 book but more like 6seconds.

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my m8 had 1 b4 he managed 2 snap a pully of when driving, the pully then went in 2 the gear box then back and took a bit out of the side of the engine and ended up stuck in the f/bumper..... but then he was/is a big chav and allways bounced it off the rev limiter..... T**T lol
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