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Got seats in but got problem


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Right peeps got drivers seats in and got a little problem wonder if anyone can help

fitted the seats with the fiesta 3.5 (SI) sub frames i got and noticed when go round corners the side that the adjuster isnt on moves ie slides abit..


These are the sub frames i got




Fitted them to seat went quite good so that ok but if u go round certain corners this side of the seat slides forward like its trying to twist




And i wonderd is there anyway of stoping that as it dosnt feel safe at all it only moves a few inch but still isnt right..


Anyone any ideas cheers in advance

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it does lock on one side of the slide the side that it dosnt lock or have the locking bits its that side that twists


right hope this helps its these slides of what i looked theres nothing to lock them in place on my old subframe was the same but that had bars inbetween them to stop that...


should there be a bar inbetween them???



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ok kool will have a look tomorro to see what i can do cheers peeps



Sorry, just had a proper look now.


There are 2 flat bars that go between them. One at the back and one at the front, but only the drivers' side has this.


The flat bar is the one showing on the photo, with the big silver nut on it. That's a view from under the rear of the drivers' seat :)




Hope this helps a bit :)

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right i got my seat off again lol and cant seem to see where to put a bar or anything that would stop it as its same on my old seats one slide has got free movement just doesnt twist so what I'm gonna try to do is get it in vice and give it a skweeze to see if i can crimp them together so it dosnt move
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