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my 130ps mk5 xr!

tezmanian devil

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hey dude's-- dudettes

im new on ere!! but n e way heres some pics of my car! pics aint good coz it started to rain :(














ill get sum betta ones 2moro and post em on ere!!!

so far i hav had fitted;---- weitec fully adjustable coilovers alround, fox 17" alloys, full magnex s/s exhuast, and a new engine was put in about a month ago, things i still need to fit are;--- rs2k buldge bonnet, chromed inlet manifold, wrc bucket seats and harnesses and a few other bits.!

anyway, i hope u like wat iv done so far and wat im gona do, ill keep yall posted an that!!

is anyone on ere from down eastbourne-- brighton way?? and is ther any cruises cumin up or shows??

hope to here from ya's


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nah, lol..... 2 lady owners b4 me, an they wer both about 60 lol

need to get it sorted tho!! gona try n have the arches flaired abit when i take her to the bodyshop aswel!! :D

does anyone have a rollcage forsale atall,.. or do u kno where i can get a bolt in half cage??

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if your after a cage for looks go for a fusion one, if you want one that will really stiffern up the car go for safety devices :)


If your running it with no grille please paint that metal black, was the first thing i done on all my mk5s :D


yeh it is jus for looks really, where can i find a fusion rollcage?? already tryed safety devices, but they say they can only do me a weld in one :(


yeh not havin a grill, got sumthin in mind to fill that abit, was gona spray that bit 2day but it started to rain as always :curse: , lol

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