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I've switched back


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I have had 2 1.4s and a 1.3 and the 1.3 was the slowest piece of cr*p i've driven. I dotn know if the stats i have seen are right but it shows the 1.8D slower than the 1.3, i dont think thats possible!

Toe down to get 70 in a 1.4? They do 70 easily, esp my later injection model. But i agree on the fuel consumpton, i dont know what the MPG was on my car, but poor!

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If you want a properly cheap runaround escort, nothing can beat the 1.8D. Yeah they're shite but 50mpg average you can't complain. Probably quicker than a 1.3/4 too :D

I don't think that's possible!! When I drove one, it was pathetic. How Ford test drivers could approve such a gutless heap to be sold to the general public defies belief. First gear took fooking AGES.


Don't think it even spun up in the wet.!!

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