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free orange sim

escort tink

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orange is by far the worst network i have ever been on...


they sold all of there masts and whatnot round my area....


to get reception at my dads house i had to hang out of the window in my sisters bedroom lol..


02 all the way :) 750 texts 750 any network any time mins for £35 a month :)

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bloomin heck 3000 texts for £15 but how many minutes do you get?


would be pointless me having orange mind as i cant get a signal...


you would get a excellent recetion for vodaphone at my works as about 4 meters above my head is a vodaphone mast :roll:


i dont get any minutes with that.. you just pay the normal rate, but as i have my work phone any calls i want to make are used on that phone :D work pay for it then

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