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Ian, now im sure im like a lot of people upon this site, but im only running a 56k modem, and some people have some seriously HUGE signatures that are almost 200k, and when there are a few of em on a page, its taking ages to load, is there anychance we could maybe get this sorted, I know its a bit bitchy, but i don't got broadband, and it REALLY annoys me some nights, and can't be arsed to wait 3 minates to load a page!




Better get off me soap box, any chance you could menction this?

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Well my computer doesw all that, but its still really slow, and im ona good set-up PC with a good 56k connection (46k, with a 4.8 k download most times!), and no WAX, im not download those pictures of your mum again.............


No i've noticed this recently, that the site is slowing down in a big way, maybe more users etc? But there are some seriously large signatures that are huge, Sparki's (sorry to use you mate!), is near 170K, which takes a good minate or two to load on a dumpy connection like mine, now imagine that, with a few more and you get the problem! AGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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i know what it was like on 56k (aint long had broadband) i was on freeserve and a page full of pictures etc would take a good 5 mins easy it got to the point where cause of the huge files, the reply i was about to make had become irelevant (although they usually are) since ive had broadband though no problems :ghost: :ghost:
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