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So what music do you people listen to at the min

Grafix Dimension

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Well I took all my cd's outta the glove box and only put three back in, I had about 14 in there, and a few more in the different cases!




BUT, as I was saying................


U2 - Greatest Hit's 1990 - 2000 (Big U2fan)

Jamiroquai - A funk Odessey - Perticularly good for pushing the base outta the 6x9's! Taste that funky fat base and those classic rifts!

Daft Punk - Discovery - Top album, huge fan of DaftPunk, some of you may know some of their work, and for others, well lets just say they have released a few different songs under different names! Eg, Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You - They was even in the video as the robots in the clouds............... Ah to be a fan and understand.

One of me own! - Burned a top Cd with some cool songs on it like..........


Shiny Disco Balls - Who the funk

Out of control - Chemical bro's

Everything must go - Chemical bro's remix

Body Moving - Fat Boy slim / Beastie Boys remix

Danger High Voltage - Electric Six with Jack Black

We don't care - Audio Bullies

Emimem - Sing for the moment

a bit of Doc Dre, Busta Rythems, Puff Daddy and some other stuff................


Ow and how could I forget my other album in my back seat!


Metallica - RE-load :D

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I like SO MANY differnet types of music I couldnt possibly 'em all!


Got plenty plenty CDs too :P


Range everything from Ja Rule to Greenday to Erik Morrillo to William Orbit to Roni Size to Daniel Fcukin Bedingfeild even!


Of the ones mentioned above, Ive got Daft Punk - Discovery (plus Digital Love), Jamiroquai - A Funk Odessey (plus all their other albums) and Royksopp - Melody AM and I have to agree with the above that they are all top class :thumb:



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