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how does fully comp insurance work.....


doesn't fully comp insure you to drive any car? and insures you at third party for that car?


cause if its like that i could buy a 1.0 insure it fully comp and buy a bigger engine for me escort, and drive that third party? lol....i know it probably aint like that, because everyone would be doing it....so how does it all really work? whats the clause that stops you doing that?

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I am not sure, but I think the escort would have to have its own insurance policy with either them or another different insurance company. Also there is a limit, my misus is insured on her 1.0 S Reg Polo fully comp, but the insurance policy does not allow the use of other cars. I think you would have to speak to some insurance companies about it.
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ok so i need an owner for the car, what if i make one up? lol....insurance robs us, bout time we rob them :devil:


any genious's want in on this money making scam? :D



Can the owner of one car thats insured be insured as the owner of another? so they would own 2 cars via insurance....i could always insure the higher performance engined with my mom, and insure a 1.0 and still get my NCB's :)

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